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Hardwick Planning Commission Public Presentation

Attention:  Hardwick Residents and Property Owners

Do you live near a stream or a river?  Is your home or your business in a flood zone?

Yes?  Maybe?

The Hardwick Planning Commission is currently exploring possible changes to the Flood Hazard Overlay and River Corridor zoning bylaws.

Please join the Commission at the Hardwick Memorial Building on Tuesday, March 14, 2017  Tuesday, April 11, 2017 (note new date) at 6:30 pm for presentations by Staci Pomeroy, River Scientist – State of Vermont; Sacha Pealer, Regional Floodplain Manager – State of Vermont; and Alison Low, Northeastern Vermont Development Association Planner.

Refreshments will be provided.

Rescheduled from March 14 to April 11 due to blizzard forecast.

For more information, please contact the Hardwick Zoning Administrator, Kristen Leahy, at 472-6120 or at


2017 Town Meeting Results

Results of Australian Ballot Vote for Town & School Officers:

Total Votes Cast: 433

Select Board- 3 year term:

Danny Hale……….308 (elected)

Select Board – 1 year terms:

Kory Barclay………. 305 (elected)

Shari Cornish………. 271 (elected)


Hazen Union School Director #26- 3 year terms:

M. Tod DeLaricheliere………. 381 (elected)


Hardwick Town School School District Directors- 3 year term:

Jeremy Michaud………. 343 (elected)

Hardwick Town School School District Directors- 1 year terms:

Katharine Ingram………. 337 (elected)

Kevin Moore Jr. ………. (Write in Candidate)………. 55 (elected)


Hazen Union School District #26 Budget of $6,799,585.00

Total votes 617 (Greensboro, Hardwick & Woodbury Co-Mingled)

305 Yes

311 No (Budget Defeated)


Hardwick Town School District Budget of $4,304,058.00

181 Yes

249 No (Budget Defeated)


Hardwick Town School District Bond Vote of $499,000.00

244 Yes (Bond Approved)

186 No


Memorial Tree Replacement Vote

264 Yes (Article Approved)

149 No