Town of Hardwick Water Quality

The Town of Hardwick was not involved in the lead sampling at the Hardwick Elementary School. We aren’t sure how the sample was taken. The way it was setup was likely to show a worst case scenario at the school as there was essentially no water used at the school all summer. The test at the school doesn’t demonstrate a lead problem with the Town water. The next sample the school will take will be what is called a flush sample (where the water is run for a period of time and then sampled), which should demonstrate a better result and be more indicative of the actual water quality of the school.

The Town lead levels were 3 parts per billion. Overall range of sampling was 0 to 4 parts per billion. The federal action level is 15 parts per billion. Hardwick water is safe to drink.

Some precautions that could be taken to reduce potential lead contamination: include in the morning, letting your faucet run for a few seconds to get cold fresh water and storing fresh cold water in a container in the refrigerator and drinking that rather than using water right out of the faucet. Lead levels are generally the highest when the water hasn’t been used for a while – like overnight or over a weekend etc., letting it run flushes out any stagnant water in your household.

Please contact the Town Manager’s Office at 802-472-6120 if you have any questions. Our office hours are 7:30 AM – 4:00. PM

Hardwick Seeks Input for the Hazard Mitigation Planning Process

The Town of Hardwick is seeking public input for the Hazard Mitigation planning process.  Hazard Mitigation Planning works to protect a community and is a mandatory requirement before any FEMA funding can be awarded to a town to repair infrastructure or acquire critical equipment.  Public input is crucial to the planning process and the information provided will help produce a plan that will serve the town for years to come.  Please take the time to share your thoughts on the attached questions.  Thank you!         Community Outreach Questionaire_Hardwick

Request for Firewood Bids


Town of Hardwick

Request for Bids – FIREWOOD

The Town of Hardwick is accepting bids for up to 21 cords of firewood for this year’s heating season.  The Town is looking for mixed hardwood.  Please identify the length of the wood to be delivered.  The Town will accept wood cut to length between 24 to 32 inches long.  Preference is for wood at least 30 inches in length, split 6 to 8 inches in diameter and seasoned.  As an ad/alternate to the bid, the Town requests the contractor provide a separate price including stacking of at least 12 cords.

Please submit a written bid stating the dollar amount per cord delivered to the Town garage, the wood length in inches, and break out the cost for stacking 12 cords.  The Town requests the wood be delivered before the end of September.

Please submit your sealed bid to: Town of Hardwick, PO Box 523, Hardwick, VT 05843 by no later than 12 Noon on Friday, September 1, 2017.  Bids can be emailed to jon.jewett@hardwickvt.org.  The Town of Hardwick reserves the right to waive informalities in, or reject any and all bids, or to accept any bid deemed to be in the best interest of the Town.  For additional information, contact the Town Manager’s Office at 472-6120.

Hydrant Flushing

The Town of Hardwick Public Works Department will be conducting hydrant flushing during the month of August from the 14th to the 18th.  Flushing will begin at North Main Street.  All hydrants in the village will be flushed.   If you experience dirty water please let your faucets run until the water clears.  If you have any concerns please contact the Town Manager’s Office at 472-6120

Town of Hardwick Economic Development Grant

The Town of Hardwick was awarded a $250,000 grant for the Yellow Barn Project.  This federal funding was obtained from the Northern Borders Regional Commission and was approved to secure the Yellow Barn property for business development and expansion, specifically increased storage, manufacturing, retail space, and for fulfillment of online ordering.  With this funding, the Town of Hardwick,  the Center for an Agricultural Economy, and the Northeastern Vermont Development Association can access private funding to secure, evaluate, and begin the fit-up of the structure.  This funding will also allow the Town, CAE, and the NVDA to access additional funds to improve the structure and to build out additional space.  The overall funding would be used similarly to the project between the Town, CAE and the NVDA that designed and built the Vermont Food Venture Center.

On Thursday, August 10th, 2017, at 1:30 P.M., the Governor, Senator Leahy and potentially others from the Vermont Delegation will attend an announcement of this award to the Town of Hardwick, and will announce other awards for the Northeast Kingdom.  The announcement ceremony is at the Yellow Barn, located on VT Route 15 West.  Ted Brady (Deputy Secretary of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development) said that they felt this was the next chapter in Hardwick’s Economic Development and they wanted to see this project succeed for the community and for the region.

We would love for you to Join us for this announcement! Please let us know if you have any questions by calling the Town Manager’s Office 802-472-6120.