Town of Hardwick Property Taxes Due on May 10, 2017

Please note that Town of Hardwick property taxes are due on May 10, 2017.

The Town Clerk’s office will be open on regular office hours (8:30 am – 4:30 pm) on Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday, May 10, we will be open from 7 am to 7 pm.  The drop box is available to the right of the front doors of the Memorial Building.  Letters with the postmark of May 10, 2017 will be accepted!

Due to the water line construction on Church Street, parking and access to the Memorial Building can be found on the side of the building through the Town Manager’s door.  Both stairs and an elevator can provide access to the Town Clerk’s level.

2017 Town Meeting Results

Results of Australian Ballot Vote for Town & School Officers:

Total Votes Cast: 433

Select Board- 3 year term:

Danny Hale……….308 (elected)

Select Board – 1 year terms:

Kory Barclay………. 305 (elected)

Shari Cornish………. 271 (elected)


Hazen Union School Director #26- 3 year terms:

M. Tod DeLaricheliere………. 381 (elected)


Hardwick Town School School District Directors- 3 year term:

Jeremy Michaud………. 343 (elected)

Hardwick Town School School District Directors- 1 year terms:

Katharine Ingram………. 337 (elected)

Kevin Moore Jr. ………. (Write in Candidate)………. 55 (elected)


Hazen Union School District #26 Budget of $6,799,585.00

Total votes 617 (Greensboro, Hardwick & Woodbury Co-Mingled)

305 Yes

311 No (Budget Defeated)


Hardwick Town School District Budget of $4,304,058.00

181 Yes

249 No (Budget Defeated)


Hardwick Town School District Bond Vote of $499,000.00

244 Yes (Bond Approved)

186 No


Memorial Tree Replacement Vote

264 Yes (Article Approved)

149 No