In order to maintain a cohesive town plan and ensure that construction in the town is not overly disruptive to neighboring residents or businesses, development must follow all zoning regulations and rules as defined by the town government.

Permits are required for all property development within the town, this includes new construction, additions or changes in land use.

 Original Hardwick Unified Development Bylaws – 9-21-17  (Also known as the Zoning Bylaws)  Current Version. 


Zoning Applications (PDF files)

  • Hardwick Zoning Application for Permitted Use  For any permitted use.  This permit covers new construction, additions, or any other item which is permitted in your zoning district.
  •  Hardwick Zoning Application for Conditional Use or Variance Specifically for Conditional Use or Variance.  If you will need to visit the Development Review Board, then this permit is for you! 
  • Hardwick Zoning Application for Subdivision   For any Subdivision Review Request. If you wish to subdivide your land, then this permit is for you!
  • Hardwick Agricultural Structural Exemption Notification  For Agricultural Exemptions Requests.  Per Section 7.2 B; accepted agricultural and best management practices, including farm structures, are exempted from the permit requirements.  However, written notification including a sketch plan of the structure showing setback distances from road rights-of-way, property lines, and surface waters shall be made to the Zoning Administrator prior to any construction.  This document can be used to notify the ZA.  Filing fee for this notification is $10.  Please note, that this exemption does not cover employee housing on a farm.
  • Hardwick Zoning Application for Signs   Specifically for a sign request.
  • Hardwick Demolition Notification  Notify us when you plan to demolish a structure.  This notification has only a $10 recording fee.

Flood Hazard Area Overlay District applications (PDF files)

  • Hardwick Zoning Application for Flood Hazard Administrative Permit    Specifically created for development in the Flood Hazard Area Overlay which would not require a zoning permit in other Zoning Districts.  Examples include interior improvements, new parking areas, new or replacement storage tanks for existing structures.  This permit has only a $10 recording fee. 
  • Hardwick Zoning Application for Flood Hazard Permitted Use    This application can be used for accessory structures (under 500 feet) in the Flood Hazard Area and for non-substantial exterior improvements to existing structures.
  • FEMA Substantial Improvement (pdf)
  • Hardwick Zoning Application for Conditional Use   Most activities in the Flood Hazard Area require a review from the Vermont Floodplain Manager and a Conditional Use review with the Development Review Board.  Examples include new structures (even accessory structures over 500 square feet), substantial improvements to existing structures, grading, excavation, and road improvements.

Important Zoning Documents (PDF files) 

Reference Materials (PDF files)

Village Center Designation

The town of Hardwick has obtained Designated Village Center status from the Vermont Downtown Program, a division of the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Affairs. Below is information regarding tax incentives to home and business owners for improvements to village properties and a map showing the Hardwick Village Center.  For more information, contact Richard Amore at the Department of Housing and Community Development – (802) 828-5229 or Richard.amore@Vermont.gov